Ember Gearheart - A young teenage Gnome. She is the niece of Professor Gearheart. Her dream is to pilot her custom ship, The Skipping Stone, to a win in the Kings Cup; the premier race in the Arbor Kingdom. 

Professor Gearheart: Ember and Spark's uncle. Inventor and ship builder.
Spark Gearheart: Younger brother of Ember.
Flint: Pet dragonfly of Professor Gearheart. Follows Ember everywhere. 
Aidan and Nadia: Twin brother and sister from Willowville. They are good friends with both Ember and Spark and also a friendly race rival in their custom ship Odonata.
Cog: Royal engineer and first mate to the Princess on The Monarch
Princess Arrow: Daughter of the King and Queen who lives in the Acorn Palace.
Prince Callas: Older brother of Arrow. Won the Kings cup three years in a row untill his sister Arrow beat him. Only goal is to reclaim his position as racing champion.
King Omni: Ancient and wise ruler of the Kingdom of Arbor.
Queen Charity: Charity was once a poor daughter of a thatcher when she caught the then prince's eye during a sail race in the early years of ships on the fern sea.

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Krag: Leader of the Troll Pirates.

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Kiwi: Ember's best friend who accompanys her on a lot of her adventures.


  1. Did you draw these by hand? However you did it, they look amazing!

  2. I do! I do all of my pencils and inks on normal printer paper (I know, but I'm cheap ^_~) and just with bic pencils and a nice micro point pen. Then I finish the color work on my wacom tablet and paint it digitally and W. and I do the lettering together. Thank you!!