• Squirrel Fishing - Our first story arc. Twins Adian and Nadia run across Cog (the Royal Engineer) - generally known as a quirky gnomish MacGuyver - just in time to see him test his newest invention - the R.A.F.T. (September 2012)
  • Blind Fly's Bluff - This storyline introduces Ember Gearheart - a well meaning but sometimes selfish teenaged gnome, Flint - her uncle's pet dragonfly who wants more than anything to be accepted by Ember, and the dreaded troll pirates. A simple errand goes awry! (September - November 2012)
  • Ember & Kiwi Go Caching - Kiwi, a student at the Royal University, joins up with Ember to test another of Cog's latest inventions - a sort of navigation unit that Cog promises will lead them to a sort of treasure he left out for the test! Things don't quite go as planned... (November 2012 - December 2012)
  • Happy Holidays 2012! (December 2012)
  • Betrayal at South Town - Princess Arrow takes the Monarch, her race-winning ship, out for a shakedown cruise after Cog makes some adjustments. However, not all of the crew may be there for the right reasons... (December 2012 - ?)

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